Strand Squared Solutions Presents:

Stepping Stones:

a symbiosis of ideas in action

Welcome to our collaborative training space, where compassionate voices unite in symbiosis to pave the path from trauma to transcendence.

Our goal is to empower victims of crime and the dedicated professionals who support them.

Together, we believe in the transformative power of collaboration as we strive to build a more resilient and compassionate world.

Stepping Stones is presented by
Strand Squared Solutions
whose mission and vision is:

☞Our Mission: To pave a path from trauma to transcendence through training, education and technical assistance

☞We Envision: A global response to crisis and trauma that is hopeful, human, trauma-informed, and centered on transcendence.

These trainings are all pre-approved for NACP (National Advocate Credentialing Program) continuing education credits.

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